Eight Possible Factors That Cause Wrinkling Of Barcode Printer Ribbons

- Feb 15, 2019-

Bar code printers have print breaks during use. There are two common possibilities. One is that the print head is broken, and the other is that the ribbon is wrinkled. Today, Hung Hing Wynn shares with you eight possible factors that cause the ribbon printer to wrinkle:

Barcode printer ribbon wrinkling

1. The printhead pressure of the bar code printer is not balanced.

2. The label paper inside the barcode printer is not installed.

3. The barcode printer is not installed when printing.

4. The roller of the barcode printer is seriously worn.

5. The ribbon control baffle of the barcode printer is unbalanced.

6. The bar code printer prints too frequently, or the print temperature is too high.

7. The ribbon printer supply shaft tension is too small.

8. The quality of the newly used ribbon is not matched with the original barcode printer.

Exclude the above problems one by one. Tip: If the ribbon width is wider than the width of the printed label, this will reduce the wrinkles on the ribbon.

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