Drugs Based On Two-dimensional Bar Code Technology And Reliable Checks At Ease

- Apr 06, 2016-

According to Taiwan's Liberty Times reported: powdered medicine seem to be the same, you will worry about using the wrong medicine? Keelung Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Department of State, will be a two-dimensional bar code technology used to introduce Chinese medicine commodity security management system, people can be placed in the medicine bag barcode scanner to do the second time inspection of nuclear, safer drug use.

The traditional Chinese medicine bags into a two-dimensional bar code scanning guns seized nuclear

Barcode technology is so far in the automatic identification, automatic data acquisition the most common, most economical identification information technology, many countries based on drug safety, both in the implementation of barcode management drugs to varying degrees.

Department Keelung Hospital Li said that after the completion of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine will push subjects to join. And we will hope to do the kits can be found in patients with complete information via phone or Internet and other means. Unlike Western medicine, from the color and shape of the drug preliminary identification, and therefore need careful handling in the pharmaceutical and packaging process, so as not to affect the health of patients.

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