DNA Barcode Scanning Library

- Apr 06, 2016-

First, the international community is promoting the use of biological genes, establish a DNA barcode scanning library. The future can use portable DNA barcode scanner, used to identify whether a food falsified mark, or identification of the type of crops against insects, and learn to fly airplanes into the engine, resulting in flight safety incidents of bird species, serve as an early preventive measures.

Two, DNA bar code scan data is established, the use of animal-based aspects of animal mitochondrial CO1 genes in the human body, although there are three billion base pairs, but the animal in CO1 mitochondrial genes only about 650 bases Correct. Through the arrangement of the four bases, DNA can be identified to species 7-9; if you have difficulty identifying what happens when, in via other genes arranged to judge. Data to establish plants, fungi, is to use the gene to identify the different parts.

Third, the implementation of international work on DNA barcode scanning, the Department began in 2004, the establishment of Affairs in the United States, namely, 50 countries, 150 government agencies and organizations to join, has collected about 50,000 kinds of species logged, five years after the hope You can achieve 500,000 kinds of goals. The Government of Canada, China, Korea and other countries are also in January 2009 began to join the DNA barcode scanning. Japan is currently the civil authorities (JBOLI) promoting, focuses on aspects of establishing and collecting data.

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