Different Principles Of Different Types Of Barcode Scanner

- Sep 25, 2017-

      Using the photoelectric coupling (CCD) principle, the barcode printing pattern is imaged and then decoded. It has the advantage of: no shaft, motor, long service life; When choosing a CCD scanner, the most important is two parameters: depth of field: Because the CCD imaging principle is similar to the camera, if you want to increase the depth of field, then the corresponding need to enlarge the lens, so that the CCD volume too large, inconvenient to manipulate. Excellent CCD should not be close to the bar code can be read, and the volume is moderate, easy to manipulate.Barcode Scanner

      Resolution: If you want to improve the CCD resolution, you must increase the unit element of the photosensitive element in the imaging department. Low-priced CCD is generally 5 pixels (pixel), read EAN, UPC and other trade code is enough, for other code system will be difficult to read. Mid-range CCD is more than 1024pixel, some even reach 2048pixe1, can distinguish the narrowest unit element is 0.1mm barcode.Barcode Scanner

      The laser diode is used as a single line scanner for light source, and it mainly has two kinds of rotating mirror and flutter mirror type. Rotating mirror is the use of high-speed motor to drive a prism group rotation, so that the diode-emitting single point laser into a line. The production cost of the mirror is lower than that of the Rotary mirror, but the laser gun of this principle is not easy to improve the scanning speed, generally 33 times/sec, the maximum can reach 100 times/sec.Barcode Scanner

     When choosing a laser scanner, the most important thing is to pay attention to scanning speed and resolution while depth of field is not a key factor. As the depth of field increases, the resolution is greatly reduced. An excellent handheld laser scanner should be high scanning speed and high resolution in a fixed depth of field.Barcode Scanner

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