Development Of Modern Technology Of Barcode Scanner

- Oct 10, 2017-

The first is the quality of the scanner, of course, the quality of the higher the level of the better, but as its protection level to improve its response price will be a lot more expensive, for the most commonly used in the scanner for the assembly line, but the warehouse is not used so high intensity, as long as the ability to resist the fall can be prominent, Therefore, it is best to see its ability to resist the fall when choosing. There are also two problems to be solved when choosing a wireless scanner: its transmission distance, and how much memory it has in the event of a wireless scan.Barcode Scanner

The code for the warehouse is good for wireless or cable, and today's content. Generally only can guarantee that the goods are in a specific location to scan the use of wire scanner, for the warehouse because the goods out, so fixed in a location scanning is very difficult, on this point, although the wireless scanner price is a little bit more expensive but it is still wireless advantage.Barcode Scanner

Fixed type: two-dimensional code reader, desktop, not handheld, placed on the table or fixed in the terminal equipment. As printed on the two-dimensional code and mobile phone on the screen of the two-dimensional code can be recognized, so widely used in electronic ticketing, electronic coupons, member systems, cell phone two-dimensional check-in and other fields. Mobile phone screen Two-dimensional code reading, is to carry out two-dimensional e-commerce application of the most ideal barcode reader device, can be widely used in electronic membership cards, electronic coupons, electronic ticketing, electronic receipts and other electronic vouchers in the field of application.Barcode Scanner

By using the concept of "0" and "1" bit stream which constitute the logic basis of the internal computer, a number of geometrical shapes corresponding to binary are used to represent the literal numeric information. Automatic reading of image input equipment or photoelectric scanning device to realize automatic information processing: It has some common features of barcode technology: Each code has its specific character set, each character occupies a certain width; At the same time, it also has the features of automatic information recognition of different rows and the processing of the rotation of graphics.Barcode Scanner

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