Development And Industrial Application Of PDA

- Jul 05, 2017-

     PDA has power switch, screen switch, hard start and full boot. The basic structure of a mainframe computer is also called a handheld computer. PDA is divided into two kinds of consumer products PDA and industrial PDA. Consumer goods PDA refers to our common smartphone, handheld game consoles, tablets and so on, and industrial PDAs are like bar code scanners, RFID reader and writer these, compared to consumer products PDA equipment more powerful, can be applied to special, harsh environment. How to provide more efficient protection for food safety problems is a problem that everyone needs to pay attention to. And how do industrial PDAs make technical guarantees for food safety?PDA
    In recent years, the domestic food safety problems frequently, if everyone is not concerned about those businesses will be more unlikely to pay attention to, however, it is precisely because of these years, the national attention to this issue, only to let these problems, but we know that the surface of good is often not enough, how to achieve real perfection, but also need more and more solutions. With the development of science and technology, many industries have started to introduce new ideas, new technologies, to improve themselves, to improve their food industry, the same is because of the frequent food safety issues and national attention in recent years, many enterprises and businesses began to cite new management technology-wireless data acquisition system.PDA
    The wireless data acquisition system includes three aspects: data acquisition, wireless transmission and RF technology. And can complete this system of the industrial PDA. What is an industrial PDA? Industrial PDAs are relative to commercial handsets, the biggest feature is that can be used for a variety of environmental requirements of the place, such as static electricity, sparks have very stringent gas stations, flour mills, mines and other places, and our food industry is involved in health and the port has a certain environmental requirements. First: Data acquisition. We all know that as long as the production of regular manufacturers of products, will have their own bar code. And this is the data of a commodity, testing the eligibility of goods, we need to scan the code certification, and our traditional way of scanning is manual writing, artificial stickers, artificial sweep, these confirmed after the loading, sent to all parts of the country. No one can regulate this process. After the arrival of the local, even if the entire process is completed, it also led to a lot of later problems. However, the industrial PDA can be electronically labeled, at any time to view the information of every a items, but also to monitor the whole process. Second: the traditional bar code paper and manual input is very easy to be damaged, after all, paper is very easy to blur the handwriting and fall away, and our source tag is a electronic equipment, wireless data transmission, therefore, security and more patience.PDA

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