Content Of PDA

- Oct 31, 2017-

Industrial-grade PDA refers to the ability to apply to a variety of industrial environment of the PDA, due to poor industrial environment, such as: high temperature, dust, wear-resistant shell and so on, industrial-grade PDA generally must reach a certain level of industry. In the domestic is generally IP64.PDA

Industrial-grade PDA including barcode scanner, RFID reader and so on. Industrial PDA is characterized by rugged, durable, can be used in a lot of bad places, at the same time for industrial use of the characteristics of a lot of optimization. c5000w Industrial level PDA can support RFID read-write and barcode scanning function at the same time, with the IP64 industry grade, these are not available in consumer PDA.PDA

Because of its high lighting efficiency, long lasting and small volume, LED has become a battery as the main power of portable equipment, such as mobile phone and PDA, the first choice, About 0.1W low consumption Dianbai light LED is currently widely used in LCD display panel backlight and keyboard lighting, of course, can also be connected to a number of LEDs to bring higher brightness for temporary lighting or flash applications. High power LEDs up to 1W are used in camera phones with 2 million of paint, or even higher resolution, to support photographic action in dark environments.PDA

This handheld device focuses on computing, telephone, fax, and network functions. It can be used not only to manage personal information (such as contacts, plans, etc.), but also to surf the web, send and receive emails, fax, and even use as a mobile phone. Most importantly, these features can be implemented wirelessly. Of course, not every PDA has all of these functions, and even if it does, it may not be possible due to a lack of appropriate services. But it can be foreseen that the trend and trend of PDA development is computing, communication, network, storage, entertainment, E-commerce and other multi-functional integration.PDA

These functions are curable and cannot add new functionality to the user's requirements. The generalized PDA mainly refers to the handheld computer, but also includes other small digital devices with similar functions. The word PDA has a different interpretation. Narrow-sense handheld computer with no keyboard, using handwriting input, voice input or soft keyboard input. In general, the handheld computer includes both keyboard and keyboard. However, in the Chinese market, almost all handheld computers do not carry keyboards.PDA

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