Common Settings For Barcode Scanner

- Aug 04, 2017-

          1. Restore factory settings: Restore the factory settings can be used to solve the bar code scanners general failure, such as: scanners can not read barcode label, restore Factory is the barcode scanner set the most important set. General scanner instructions will be explained in detail above. 1 set Defaults or set all Defaults2) Recall Defaults 3 standard Product Default settings These English expressions are the scanner restore factory settings.Barcode Scanner

          2. Barcode data prefix and suffix add settings and digit interception settings: Barcode scanner prefix and suffix additions and barcode data deletion is to adapt to a new system of some of the features, the new system will sometimes appear incompatible with the scanner, this time we need to use the barcode data to add and delete features to achieve compatibility.

          3. code scanner serial communication parameter settings and scanning mode settings: Bar code scanner baud rate, parity check, stop bit, data bit, handshake protocol, and so on are through the scanner serial communication parameters set to achieve.Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner Scanning mode has a variety of manual key-type scanning, self-inductance barcode scanning, light flashing scanning, light steady scanning, through the setting of scanning mode can be easily in any two modes of switching operation.Barcode Scanner

          4.code scanner code opening settings and scanner interface type settings: Barcode scanners sometimes can not scan the phenomenon of reading, this is because the code is not commonly used bar code will be locked, in order to improve the performance of bar code scanners and coding speed, by default, barcode scanners are unable to read, we can open through the code system to open the set. The Barcode scanner interface type setting can facilitate user interface mode conversion settings so that the scanner can function in other interface modes.Barcode Scanner

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