Color Label Printer Why Can't Barcode Printers Print Color Barcodes?

- Jan 25, 2019-

Printers are also called label printers, but why label printing can't print color. In fact, barcode printers can print a variety of monochrome label papers, so we do not recommend customers to print color labels with barcode printers for three reasons!

First, the barcode printer is a ribbon printer

Barcode printers need to install ribbons when printing labels. The ribbons are all in a single color.

Barcode printers have both thermal and thermal transfer printing methods, but either one can print only one color at a time.

Second, the process is complicated, no efficiency

It is said that the barcode printer can only print one color at a time, and only one color can be printed at a time. But barcode printers have more than one ribbon color. You can choose to print in different colors, but you must print multiple times.

This is also why customers have a bar code printer as a color label printer, so we generally do not recommend a large number of customers to choose a bar code machine to print color labels.

Third, the color label printer prints after printing

The barcode printer can customize the printed content. We can print the color part first and then print it without the fixed part.


The bar code printer price is the size of the print label, print volume, print resolution, print speed, label type and brand related.

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