Characteristics Of A Classification Of Mobile Computer

- Sep 13, 2017-

    The flat-panel computer can be divided into two types, namely, the "Variable tablet computer" of the integrated keyboard and the "pure tablet computer" with an external keyboard. The tablet computer itself has built up some new apps that users can use to input text or hand-painted graphics into the computer as long as they write on the screen.Mobile Computer

    Tablet PC according to its touch screen, generally can be divided into resistive touch-screen and capacitive touch screen. Resistive touch is generally a single point, and capacitive touch screen can be divided into 2 points touch, 5 touch and multi-touch. With the popularity of tablets, in the pursuit of functional also more and more high, the traditional resistive touch can not meet the needs of the tablet computer, especially in the game, the demand for more and more high, so the tablet computer will need to use multi-touch screen to make its function more perfect.Mobile Computer

    Tablets represent the next generation of mobile business PCs. From Microsoft's tablet concept product, the tablet computer is a PC that doesn't need a flip, no keyboard, small enough to fit into a woman's handbag, but a full function. In addition to its own laptop, it supports handwriting input or voice input, and mobility and portability are better than the notebook computer.Mobile Computer

    The user can use the built-in handwriting recognition, on-screen soft keyboard, speech recognition or a real keyboard (if the model is equipped). The tablet also has shorthand software such as ALPHATAP and Shark, which allows users to enter text at the speed of typing with a stylus.Mobile Computer

    The biggest feature of tablet computers is digital ink and handwriting recognition input, as well as powerful pen input recognition, speech recognition, gesture recognition, and mobility. Tablets have distinctive features in appearance. Some are like a separate LCD screen, only thicker than the normal display, on top of the hard disk and other necessary hardware equipment. Some look like a laptop, but its display can rotate at will.Mobile Computer

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