Biometrics Enter The Golden Development Phase

- Jun 01, 2018-

In the past year or two, the application of biometrics and artificial intelligence technology has become very successful. Internet +, cloud processing platforms, and big data have all become associated with it. Security, finance, commerce, advertising media and other industries have stirred up waves. The Internet giants embraced and embraced various investors. Even the successful winners of the traditional real economy were eager to try. Biometrics and artificial intelligence seemed to have gradually become the enthusiasm. With the wind, Pengcheng was just around the corner.

Biological data collection is the starting point for artificial intelligence applications. Biometrics is the first step in artificial intelligence, and there is no way to talk about the collection, organization, research, and analysis of data. From the perspective of technology maturity, China's technological level is at the advanced level in the world, and the market size is relatively small, so there is still much room for development.


The three major problems that are constraining the development of the biometrics industry, namely, lack of technological innovation, narrow application scenarios, and high application costs, are gradually breaking through, and the industry will enter a golden period of development. Among them, the maturity of deep learning algorithms has greatly improved the accuracy of biometric recognition. The advancement of computer technology based on deep learning algorithms has provided powerful computing and analysis tools for biometric recognition; the application scenario of biometric identification has been significantly expanded. , Banks, public security departments, etc. promote biometrics in many scenes, and biometrics have also settled in social security, education, and medical systems. The popularity of smartphones and smart homes has driven the outbreak of the personal consumer market; the maturity of biometrics technology and the deployment of scenarios The driving cost has been declining, which has given positive feedback to the market.

Biometrics as an important entry security link under the trend of intelligence, the future market driving force extends horizontally and vertically. Lateral driving force is the continuous extension of application scenarios, from the traditional 2B (business attendance, access control, etc.) to 2G (medical, education, social security, etc.), financial industry, 2C and other application scenarios to accelerate the expansion, the characteristics of each application scenario Differently determine the applicability of biometrics technology; the vertical driving force lies in the improvement of entrance security requirements and technological advancement to promote the rapid development of solutions with high recognition and high customer experience.

The mutual penetration and fusion in the scene application become a trend. Different biometric technologies have different recognition accuracy, cost, convenience, and acceptability of the audience. Therefore, the scenarios suitable for application are not completely the same, but with the maturity and improvement of the technology itself, there are also existed in the application scenario. The trend of mutual penetration and integration. We believe that the development trend of biometrics is wider, safer, and more convenient, and it is more widely used in a wide range of application scenarios. It is safer because the technology and solutions are safer and more convenient because the audience is a good user experience.

The deepening of the scene, build a full industrial chain model. The biometric business model may also be diversified in the future, from the simple "product output" to the "technology → product → solution → service → cloud computing / big data" full industry chain model transformation. The entire industry chain model is similar to the smile curve. The higher the value added to both ends, the left-end technology and the right-end big data are the commanding heights of the future industry. Currently, the industry itself has not yet entered the stage of data realization, so grasping the core technology has gained the initiative.

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