Bicycle Bar Coding Terminology

- Apr 06, 2016-

1. Bicycle bar coding terminology

1.1 Rules shall mean inclusion of non-motorized bicycles and management in line with national laws, regulations and standards for bicycles, electric bicycles and gasoline engine power bike.

1.2 new bike: refers to national unity since the beginning of the implementation of a predetermined time after the bike coding management, new business production and factory bike.

1.3 encoding: refers to a group of certain information meaningful numbers. A bike code includes basic information of a bicycle, as representatives of a bicycle.

1.4 Making encoding: it refers to the process by appropriate means to a bicycle in the bicycle frame encoding a predetermined engraving position on the machining process.

1.5 Coding Management: refers to coding the application, issuance coding, coding engraving, encoded data collection, data transmission system management coding, coding and coding using the database maintenance and other supervisory work.

2. coding

2.1 Coding Guidelines bike encoding must follow these guidelines: coding uniqueness. Each bike is only a bar code encoded in the country does not allow repetition coding appears. Coding inclusive. Digital information each composed of bar coding contains basic information of each bike. Coding operability. To prepare coding straightforward easy to operate. Production and distribution companies can quickly grasp the implementation, management can quickly acquire data, and check in time to find the vehicle. Unity coding position. Bicycle unified coding engraved in one fixed position of the bicycle frame, no person shall freely change the coding engraving position. Coding permanent. Engraved on the bicycle frame encoding must permanently maintain, easy to wear and corrosion damage. Encoding an economy. Making coding should be simple and practical, less investment, low cost, there are results.

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