Basic Knowledge Of Windows Barcode Scanner

- Aug 04, 2017-

             When we are in touch with barcode scanners, we often encounter many difficult technical terminology: such as optical resolution (optical resolution), maximum resolution (maximum resolution), color resolution (color depth), scanning mode, interface mode (connection interface) and so on. I would like to introduce the basic knowledge of these bar code scanners to the general reader to popularize the common sense of barcode scanners. Let us know more about barcode scanners when we buy barcode scanners can also be used as a reference.Windows Barcode Scanner

             First we need to know what is called resolution. All kinds of barcode scanners indicate its optical resolution and maximum resolution. The resolution of the unit is dpidpi is the English dot per inch abbreviated meaning is the pixel point of each inch. After understanding the meaning of the resolution, let's look at how important these barcode scanner parameters are to us.

Optical resolution refers to the actual amount of information that can be collected by the optical system of a barcode scanner, which is the resolution of a photosensitive element of a barcode scanner. For example, the maximum scanning range is 216mmx297mm (suitable for A4 paper) The barcode scanner can scan the maximum width of 8.5 inches (216mm) Its photosensitive original contains 5,100 units, and its optical resolution is 5,100 o ' clock 8.5 inch =600dpi. Common optical Resolutions are 300X600DPI, 600X1200DPI, 1200x2400dpi, or higher.Windows Barcode Scanner

             Color resolution is also called color depth, color mode, color or color level, in short, is to indicate that the barcode scanner to distinguish between color or gray level of fineness of the index, its unit is bit (bit). The exact meaning of the color bit is how many "bits" are used to indicate a pixel scanned. For example: 1bit can only represent black and white pixels, because the number in the computer uses binary, 1bit can only represent two values (2 1=2) that is 0 and 1, they represent black and white: 8bit can represent 256 shades of gray (2 8=256), they represent different grayscale levels from black to white, and 24bit can represent 16777216 colors (2 24=16777216), generally known as the true color of 24bit, Of course, the use of 30bit, 36bit, 42bit machine species. Theoretically speaking, the more color bits, the more vivid the color.Windows Barcode Scanner

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