Barcode Scanner Related Technical Analysis

- May 24, 2017-

Do you know what is a Barcode Scanner? What is the characteristics of the bar scanner? Let's go and see! The following is a small series for you to organize the bar scanner industry characteristics and related technical analysis:

Barcode Scanner Industry Features

Barcode Scanner has the following characteristics

(1) sBarcode Scanner Transparent mirror with special steel materials, more resistant to light, light transmission more fun, making the depth of field farther;

(2) gun body plastic in line with national standards production process, so that no smell, high temperature, corrosion resistance, easy to scrub, guns can be removed with a pin, the operation is very convenient;

(3) ergonomic design perfect expression, buzzing sound larger (small), shock from the beginning to the end with a reasonable, can be anti-multiple 2 meters down the ground test.

The technology of bar - type scanner

A Barcode Scanner is a set of bars, empty symbols, which are used to represent certain characters, numbers, and symbols. Barcode system is composed of bar code symbol design, production and scanning read the composition of the automatic identification system. Barcode technology has the following advantages:

1, Barcode Scanner the input speed: compared with the keyboard input, bar code input speed is 5 times the keyboard input, and can achieve "real-time data input."

2, Barcode Scanner high reliability: keyboard input data error rate of one-third, the use of optical character recognition technology error rate of one ten thousandth, and the use of bar code technology error rate of less than one millionth.

3, Barcode Scanner the collection of large amount of information: the use of traditional one-dimensional bar code can be collected at a time tens of characters of information, two-dimensional bar code can carry thousands of characters of information, and a certain degree of automatic error correction.

4, Barcode Scanner flexible and practical: bar code identification can be used as a means of identification alone, can also be associated with the identification of equipment to achieve a system to achieve automatic identification, and other control equipment can be connected to achieve automated management.

In addition, bar code labels easy to make, no special requirements for equipment and materials, identification equipment easy to operate, do not need special training, and equipment is relatively easy.

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