Barcode Scanner

- Aug 15, 2017-

               Barcode Scanner Android Edition-function introduction 1, scan one-dimensional barcode and QR code. After identification can be opened with a browser or market, or through the mail, text messages to friends. The new version adds Google Shopper. 2, use Google or custom search URL for products, books or Web pages search. is a good helper in bookstores and supermarkets, real-time search related information or compare prices. 3. You can share any text in your phone's contacts, bookmarks, apps, or clipboard by generating barcodes. Facilitates the exchange of data. 4, you can generate your name or phone number QR code, so that friends find you convenient, fun.Barcode Scanner

               Barcode scanning Barcode Scanner v4.3 Update: The continuous focus mode can be disabled on the device with an invalid focus; compatible only with a camera in front of the device.Barcode Scanner

               When we are in contact with barcode scanning gun, we often encounter many difficult technical terminology: such as optical resolution (optical resolution), maximum resolution (maximum resolution), color resolution (color depth), scanning mode, interface mode (connection interface) and so on. I would like to introduce these bar code scanning gun Basic knowledge, to the general reader to popularize the common sense of barcode scanning gun. Let us know more about barcode scanning gun, when we buy barcode scanning gun can also be used as a reference. In fact, bar code scanners, barcode scanners and bar code readers are the same thing, just used to be called different.Barcode Scanner

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