Barcode Ribbon Printer, So That The Label Paper Will Never Fade!

- Jan 20, 2019-

The barcode ribbon printer is the label printer, and the ribbon, also known as the ribbon, is one of the consumables that the barcode printer needs to print on the label. The ribbon printer is a super-wear label printer that uses the resin ribbon to print, so that your label paper will never fade!


Zebra Ribbon Printing

  According to the installation of the ribbon first, the dotted line is the installation path of the ribbon. We first install the ribbon. Note that the ribbon should not be uniform and should not be folded. Otherwise, the printing effect will be affected later.


After the rewinding, the discarded ribbon is not easy to peel off, we put it on the recycling reel!


Then install the label paper, the solid line is the label path. We adjust the limiter according to the width of the label. The pressure head should be even, in the center, not to the left or to the right, so as to avoid the deviation when printing the label.


After installing the ribbon and label paper, measure the paper in the printer.

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