Bar Code System In The Clothing Market

- Jan 15, 2019-

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the domestic clothing market has undergone tremendous changes. The clothing market has become a buyer's market. Customers have become more critical. In the pursuit of diversification and personalization, the price and delivery time of products have also been raised. Requirements.

At the same time, clothing companies are still facing a prominent problem: the marketable product has a low rate of product satisfaction, and finally causes double losses: on the one hand, the sales loss caused by the sale of good sales can not affect the profit rate; On the other hand, the backlog of large inventories leads to lower returns on capital and inventory turnover. Therefore, companies must introduce advanced management ideas and information technology to establish a system that can respond quickly to the market.

A famous domestic clothing company has encountered a huge difficulty. Because of its large scale, there are more than 150 branches in the country, more than 2,000 sales points (including self-operated monopoly, shopping malls and franchises, etc.), if you follow the traditional management, it can not meet the needs of enterprise development. It is. In this context, the company’s leaders timely proposed and launched the information engineering project (which is internally called “Barcode System Engineering”, which is the process of purchasing all the materials, garments, and distribution to the terminal. Management, through the deployment of bar code system to manage the entire enterprise), the use of information technology to promote industrialization, take a new road to industrialization, and finally through this project led to the rapid development of enterprises.

Due to the special industry characteristics, the characteristics of the style, color and size combination of the clothing enterprise determine the geometrical growth of the number of single products with the increase of the style. The sales system covers various formats such as direct operation, shopping mall, wholesale and franchise. Retail stores (counters, specialty stores, shop-in-shops) are numerous and geographically dispersed. Therefore, the traditional manual collection of large amounts of data in sales, logistics, inventory, deployment, etc. is not realistic.

    So in the company trial bar code management system, using barcode management product process. Bar codes are generally classified into commodity codes and logistics codes according to the scope of use in the application of clothing enterprises. After the barcode is entered into the computer by the barcode scanner, the computer system analyzes the information in the barcode according to the coding principle, reflects the condition of the product, and performs various controls. Generally speaking, the logistics code only works in the factory. The clothing code should be used after the garment has entered the commercial circulation field. According to the actual needs of the clothing enterprises, the logistics code may contain numbers and characters. For this feature, the code is an internationally accepted Code 128 code. The code system is characterized by high compression ratio, low misreading rate, and can contain numbers and character.

      From fabric procurement, to finished product production, finished product storage, finished product delivery, inventory processing, distribution management, and sales management. After using the barcode system, every item (face accessories, finished products) that arrives is scanned automatically by barcode scanning. Record and automatically complete the comparison and matching with the goods in the order, can accurately record the arrival of goods and orders, greatly improve the accuracy of order execution, and ensure accurate product inventory. It ensures the efficient and stable development of the company.

By giving each digit a specific meaning, such as brand, category, year, season, fabric, section number, color, size, etc., when the barcode is compiled, it is easy for the company to analyze and compare the characteristics of the product. Through the automatic collection of data from the bar code system, the company can analyze the sales, inventory, orders, payment, out-of-stock, and disk loss data of the enterprise in detail, so as to make the business decision-making, the production plan of the goods, and the distribution of goods. Balance provides scientific support, which enables the management of enterprises to rise from qualitative analysis to quantitative analysis, thus greatly improving the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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