Bar Code Printer Bar Code Printer Technology Maintenance And Classification

- Apr 06, 2016-

Classified by the printing method is generally divided into thermal and thermal transfer. Thermal printing technology is the use of thermal paper as a carrier, converts the received data into the printer control signal dot matrix print head, fever, so that thermal paper coating chemical change color, graphics and text to generate desired. Thermal imaging principle is heat transfer through a computer signal driving the semiconductor laser or electrothermal head to the image forming material, the image forming material is transferred to the heat melting is formed by the image on the media text and images. Thermal transfer image forming material is applied at baseband, called thermal transfer ribbon. Many thermal transfer printers are compatible with thermal printing.

Depending on the application environment, printing load and other factors, usually divided into specific bar code printer bar code printer desktop, business type, industry type, and print a variety of special-purpose movement. Desktop Printer compact, easy to move, low noise, and replacement of wearing parts and consumables to facilitate loading, suitable for commercial retail, government information technology, business office and other applications. Industrial barcode printers mainly refers to the use of suitable for industrial applications, has a higher index of applications for a class of bar code printers. Typically, such printers shell, frame, baffle and transmission parts and metal mechanical mechanism open, high reliability, ease of maintenance, in oil, dust, acid, alkali, high temperature and other harsh industrial environments to maintain excellent print quality. Commercial bar code printer configuration and function between the desktop models and industrial models prices ranged for business office, POS, logistics centers and government information technology and other fields.

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