Australia Has Developed A New Microscope Using Barcode Laser Scanning Technology

- Jun 30, 2018-

The Australian National University announced on the 23rd that researchers at the university have created a new type of microscope that can use bar code laser scanning technology to take dynamic images of blood cells and brain neurons in the blood vessels of living animals.

Windows Barcode Scanner.jpg

Dr. Steve Lee, who led the research, is an expert in biomedical optics engineering at the Australian National University. He said that this new microscope can be used to analyze complex medical problems, including hematological diseases, cancer, and nervous system diseases. New microscopes can "fast-forward" or "slow-release" to capture cell movement or brain neuron activity in the blood, which is more flexible and advanced than other microscopes on the market.

Bar code scanners are often classified in supermarkets. Australian National University researchers apply techniques such as bar code scanners to new microscopes. By placing the polygon mirror used in the laser microscope with a polygon mirror, the illumination laser is reflected by a variable-speed rotatable polygon mirror, allowing fast scanning of biological samples. The new technology has increased the number of commonly used 10-face mirrors to 36-face mirrors, while increasing the laser intensity and doubling the laser beam scanning speed, reducing the time to thousands of seconds.

Dr. Li said that the innovation of this research is the use of more advanced electronic and custom software controls in the microscope system to achieve real-time imaging of 800 frames per second.

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