Application Of Windows Barcode Scannerin Intelligence

- Sep 04, 2017-

     At present, our most common scanning manuscript is various types of reflective manuscripts: books, magazines, documents, photos ... In fact, there is a kind of very important input source is playing an increasingly important role, this is the transmission manuscript. It is possible that there is little access to the scanning problem in your daily work and in your life, but it does occupy a very important position in the field of scanning applications. In the current booming digital imaging tide, digital cameras, although the market potential is huge, rapid growth, but it is difficult to shake the traditional silver Salt Image Technology Foundation.Windows Barcode Scanner

     In the digital camera + digital processing + output equipment, composed of the "pure Digital Image" era, the formation of a traditional camera + Film + irrigation + transmission of the scanner + digital processing + output Equipment of the transition program.Windows Barcode Scanner

     In the field of application of the transmission manuscript scanning also occupies a pivotal position, medical images, such as a large number of X-rays taken every year, are digitized because of the need for telemedicine and archiving, and more and more film-processing needs to go through a scanner into the computer, when the scanner becomes the main digital means, The scanning effect of film or negatives is much better than photos.Windows Barcode Scanner

     Compared with the reflective manuscript scan, the transmission manuscript scanning is more special, and the requirements of the scanning equipment are more stringent. One of the characteristics of transmission manuscripts is that the resolution requirements of the scanning equipment are quite high. As an example of the most common 35 mm film in transmission, the image area is very small, only 36mmx24mm, so the information density is very high. If you want to print it to a A4 format, which is equivalent to 8 times times magnification, this requires that the scanner has a fairly high optical resolution.Windows Barcode Scanner

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