Application Of PDA In Intelligence

- Sep 04, 2017-

     PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), also known as the handheld computer, can help us complete the work, learning, entertainment, etc. in the mobile. Classification by use, divided into industrial-grade PDA and consumer goods PDA. Industrial-grade PDA is mainly used in the industry, common with bar code scanners, RFID readers, POS machines, etc. can be called PDA; consumer products PDA includes more, smartphones, tablet computers, handheld game consoles, etc.PDA

     Whether you are using a travel charger or seat charge, as long as you connect their USB interface to the computer, the other end to the PDA, and close the PDA screen, this time does not need the power adapter can be directly through the computer USB port to charge. Since the PDA is in the factory, the operating system provided by Microsoft is pre-installed in the ROM, and the operating system takes up about 80M of space and this part of the space cannot be seen. So there is a part of the lack of space available for querying memory.PDA

    The PDA has two slots at the top of the appliance. Larger slots support CompactFlash type II cards. Smaller slots support Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, Secure digital I/O (SDIO) cards, and MultiMediaCard (MMC). The three types of memory card sizes can be between MB and 1 GB or 2 GB.PDA

    The PDA has the basic structure of a computer host, so it also has a power switch, a screen switch, a hard start and a soft start button. Because the PDA keeps a lot of data in RAM, it needs power all the times. In general, we always turn the power switch on, which will only power the RAM, and the power consumption is not very large. And when we really need to use it, the screen switch must be turned on. In fact, the screen switch also has the system activation function. Once you open it, our PDA can return to work from standby.PDA

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