Application Of PDA Handheld Terminal In Hospital Clinical Practice

- Apr 13, 2017-

PDA -- Small size, easy to carry. With the operating system, with a wireless card, through the wireless LAN and hospital information system database connection, coupled with laser scanning equipment can scan bar code, is a more ideal patient bedside information collection equipment.


     To achieve the use of PDA in clinical use, first in the ward to establish a wireless network, in the ward to install wireless AP, PDA through the wireless AP to become a client of the HIS system, PDA installed on the client software. Through the software to accept the scan to the nurse operating process information, patient ID and other information.


Take barcode terminal and other technical means used in clinical care, the effectiveness of the hospital management will be reflected in many aspects:


     1, to help the nurse to correct the doctor's orders. When the nurses to carry out the rounds or the implementation of medical orders are required to use PDA on the patient's bar code wristbands and bar code infusion card to scan the patient's information to check, so as to avoid unnecessary errors


     2, tracking the entire process of medical services. Strengthen the care and care, to mobilize the enthusiasm of nurses work. PDA doctor's advice tone, SMS function for the busy clinical care work to provide a scientific and effective protection, reducing the communication language communication in the transmission of information errors. At the same time responsible nurses can timely and effective for patients with a variety of treatment and care information, is conducive to the establishment of a good nurse-patient relationship, fully mobilized the enthusiasm of nurses work.

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