Application Of PDA Barcode Scanner In Enterprise Warehouse Management - Suning Tesco Case

- Feb 10, 2019-

The warehouse management of e-commerce warehousing is the rear of the e-commerce company, and the e-commerce platform products are selling well. Without the strong guarantee of the rear warehousing department, it is not favored by consumers. Large-scale e-commerce companies whose business areas cover the whole country or even the whole world. If you want to complete the goods out of the warehouse, transportation and distribution within the promised time limit, you must solve the problems of different warehouses, goods, and goods. Improve the efficiency of warehouse management through a loop-and-loop data link analysis.

Suning Tesco, a new generation B2C online store of Suning Appliance Group, was put into trial operation on August 18, 2009. Suning Tesco quickly formed a national sales scale, showing geometric growth. At the same time, it relied on the existing national physical logistics and service network under the line, shared existing resources, and quickly established its own profit model.


Suning Tesco has the advantage of Suning brand, the advantage of purchasing scale of hundreds of billion yuan, the service advantage and the continuous innovation advantage of more than 3,000 after-sales service outlets in more than 30 provinces and over 1,000 distribution points in the country. Suning Tesco will It will rely on the platform of Hong Kong and Japan, take advantage of the characteristics of borderlessness in the online shopping field, and use the powerful management background and technology platform to simultaneously enter the international e-commerce market and achieve penetration into Southeast Asia.

In response to the above problems, the company proposed a cloud-based e-commerce warehousing industry solution. We integrated the mobile application software and PC-side operating procedures used by customers into a set of application software, equipped with the company's warehouse management mobile intelligent terminal. The comprehensive coverage of the warehouse distribution chain under the e-commerce mode is realized, from inbound to outbound, transportation to delivery, combined with logistics information middleware platform, data interaction in the local area network, full process monitoring, and avoiding wrong parts. It has comprehensively opened up information systems with various e-commerce platforms and major express delivery companies to realize the use of cross-e-commerce platforms and cross-coupon platforms.


At the same time, each warehouse has its own management platform, which can independently handle the operations of a single warehouse, and can also share and analyze data with other warehouses to maximize resource sharing.


In order to meet the business needs of Suning's on-line QR code, Honeywell's PDA scanner (Honeywell EDA50K) is used in this system to enable customers to read various complex barcodes to meet the needs of various storage environments. At the same time, the company docked Suning back-end management system, in the interface display, scanning configuration, security management and other aspects of customer customization, to achieve the sales staff to warehouse goods into the warehouse, inventory, outbound, exception handling and data analysis functions.

Multi-dimensional (shop, region, order type, time, etc.) order screening and double processing mechanism for batch processing, customer review and financial review, automatic addition of gifts according to set rules, modification of order details, modification of order logistics and address details, Order merging and splitting, order operation trace query, automatic allocation of orders to warehouse according to set rules, order reminder and delivery SMS notification strategy...

Electronic face sheet, sales and delivery, warehouse transfer and storage, wireless inventory count, intelligent distribution path calculation, warehouse and warehouse location management, warehouse customer service performance statistics, package automatic electronic weighing, automatic calculation of logistics costs, intelligence Match the courier.

Equipped with standard purchase orders, purchase inbound orders, and purchase return procedures, the system can automatically calculate purchase quantities based on current inventory, recent sales, procurement cycle, inventory upper and lower limits, etc., and generate purchase orders to make purchasing easier.

By integrating smart PDA solutions, e-commerce merchants can release new products, edit goods, distribute parallel shipments, intelligent logistics traceability, real-time inventory management, etc., to subvert traditional work methods and processes, and improve work efficiency.

Covering cross-platform e-commerce operation of the entire link, achieving unified management of orders, warehousing, procurement, after-sales, and logistics, standardizing e-commerce operations of enterprises, and improving management efficiency.

Choose express delivery companies based on price, timeliness and service quality, reduce operating costs and improve service quality.

The bar code technology is used to manage the goods, and the PDA device is used for data collection, processing and transmission, and the express operation information platform is built to realize data sharing.

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