The Concept Of Mobile Computers

- Jun 12, 2017-

   Mobile computers are also known as "portable Desktops" by some manufacturers, home portable machine, which is characterized by almost the same appearance as the laptop, but no built-in batteries, PC card slots, generally through AC power supply, with a strong portability, and internal structure is more streamlined, more user-friendly upgrade and maintenance. In addition, most models can also be equipped with plug-in battery, so as to achieve a real sense of mobile computing.Mobile Computer

  At present, the "mobile computer" family is already quite a significant: in addition to the "Mobile computer" series, the release of the Million P4 "portable desktop"; Although the mouth did not say, but the V series also can not remove the "mobile computer" of the relationship; Carefully observe the various kinds of talk about "mobile computer" in the market and the media, argument and even controversy, we will find such a question: on many occasions and many people's view, in the end what kind of product is "mobile computer" has not yet figured out, it is no wonder that the controversy between the two sides will occur "talking" embarrassing situation.Mobile Computer

  Some users simply think, "mobile computer" is the ultra-low price of the notebook computer, a good person even carefully defined its price should be between 5000-7000 yuan; some people think that, since it is "mobile computer", it should be the use of desktop desktops and other desktop accessories laptop computer; Some people think that the only difference between a "mobile computer" and a laptop is to see if it is equipped with a battery ... Different。Mobile Computer

So how does a "mobile computer" really replace a desktop? The answer comes from two different aspects: performance and price.

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