Windows barcode scanner solution

- Jul 05, 2018-

1, system function module

1.1 Basic data: user management, personnel information, product information, warehouse management, supplier management, early warning management, label setting

1.2 Daily management: plan management, label printing, warehousing management, outbound management, and in-house management 1.3 Terminal system: warehousing management, outbound management, inventory management, shift management

1.4 Query statistics: inbound query, outbound query, inventory query, shift query, statistical analysis 2, hardware solution

Windows Barcode Scanner.jpg

The Windows barcode management solution is integrated with bar code warehouse management system with bar code printers, bar code labels, barcode scanners, data collectors and other hardware devices, realizing the modern scientific and technological warehouse bar code management. The warehouse intelligent management solution integrates various technologies such as software system, bar code application, hardware system, wireless network, and system expansion interface. The whole solution is centered on the warehouse management system WMS, and is connected to the external system through the system expansion interface. The business is integrated into the system integration operation management. Through the wireless mobile terminal equipment, the intelligent information application penetrates into every detail of the warehouse operation and the warehouse site.

   Integrated wireless terminal equipment, bar code technology, wireless network communication technology, support warehouse on-site operations, and implement collection of inventory movement data, data sharing through the system expansion interface and external systems, so that the upper system inventory data is timely, accurate, and true inventory The actual situation provides effective data support for the statistical department, sales department, and management department, and automatically controls the daily operations of the warehouse to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the operation.

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