Two-dimensional bar code applications in logistics

- Apr 06, 2016-

Since the two-dimensional bar code has many advantages unmatched by traditional bar code, has been adopted as a standard shipping label, New Zealand Land Transport Department of the French Post Office, South Africa Cargo, United Kingdom, Brazil and other express companies worldwide ISO and some major industry standards organizations logistics agencies have adopted.

It is noteworthy that, due to the unique two-dimensional bar code stream encryption capability, the United States, Britain and other countries have the Department of Defense as a standard two-dimensional bar code armament materials management; issue, the United States track and manage Microsoft products also used a two-dimensional bar code technology. In China, Shanghai Volkswagen car sales in the process of logistics management, Haier logistics management process also uses a two-dimensional bar code technology.

According to another report, the United States after 9/11, the airport began a two-dimensional bar code implementation of Safety Management, the European Community has begun to consider a two-dimensional bar code technology in the euro currency in circulation management process. There are indications that the two-dimensional bar code is set off a new logistics revolution!

Since the two-dimensional bar code has a low cost, with information moving carrier, is not dependent on computer networks and databases, confidential security features and other advantages, combined with China's population, weak economic foundation, the computer network of investment funds is difficult, for information security measures higher and other characteristics, can be expected, PDF417 two-dimensional bar code in the country is highly promotional value. Two-dimensional bar code in the financial, logistics, military logistics, corporate logistics and other fields has been successfully applied.

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