The use of bar codes to the security anti-changing

- Apr 06, 2016-

The country of fake and shoddy products, businesses and consumers have suffered serious losses. IMPACT is to protect the country, business and consumer interests, is legitimate and necessary requirement for orderly competition. A brand-name product without the use of effective means of security, a large number of counterfeit products may be subject to impact greatly undermined the image of the product.

With the business from extensive to intensive changes in distribution channel management, limited restriction technologies and tools, most companies still follow the traditional model and initial operation management, these methods in terms of efficiency, cost, and controllability and other aspects of disadvantage have become increasingly prominent. Thus, changes in the market environment for enterprise channel management put forward new requirements.

Product bar code security management system can help companies in key commodities distribution network orderly flow of strict supervision and control, improve channel management level, reduce risk and avoid channels. Systems through the application of encryption-type two-dimensional bar code technology, key commodities for accurate and confidential identification. By commodity verification functions in the field offices, which can effectively prevent product cross-sales and R & D center, to prevent the impact of counterfeiting.

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