The freestyle of the self-service payment machine, the scan code payment is coming

- Nov 02, 2018-

Self-service vending machines and self-service ordering machines have emerged one after another, and our life has not been able to escape the "self-help". Recently, a newspaper reported that from July 18th, a hospital in the city center, patients who are in the hospital can use the medical insurance card to pay the card on the self-service payment machine of the hospital, and open a new self-service model of “Internet + medical”. Pre-diagnosis appointment registration to the clinic check-up project one-stop smart appointment system, self-service payment after diagnosis, using the "Internet + medical" technology, effectively optimize the medical treatment process, simplify the medical treatment, truly "patient-centered", Provide a convenient and comfortable experience for patients.

So, how does self-service payment implement self-service payment services? Don't blink, please look down!

It is understood that a city center hospital introduced a self-service payment machine, and added Alipay OR WeChat scan code payment. Specifically, it is operated according to the relevant requirements on the self-service payment machine. Finally, when entering the payment phase, you can choose to use the mobile phone related software to scan the QR code on the electronic screen, or the other way is more convenient to open the Alipay payment code on the mobile phone. You can complete the payment by swiping directly on the scanning window. The self-service payment machine will provide more time for patients to seek medical treatment, and provide patients with a comprehensive, multi-channel “Internet + medical” self-service payment platform.

The reason why the self-service payment machine is so smart is that it can be one-stop to self-service for payment. It is entirely due to the embedded scanning module embedded in the self-service payment machine. According to the survey, many self-service payment machines on the market have embedded scanning modules. It is adaptable and easy to install. It has a package design and can cope with all kinds of harsh environments. Not only that, but also excellent reading performance, it can also support secondary development, and can cope with software development of various complex applications.

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