Scanner function introduction

- May 22, 2018-

Run on XP/W7 operating system platform.

 Double-sided Chinese display, convenient operation, intuitive display, professional laser engraving computer keys.

Supports inductive IC card, adopts the most secure encryption method available today, unique card password, good encryption performance, long service life (more than 10 years)

Card machine dustproof, anti-oil, anti-static, can work in a variety of harsh environments; using fully enclosed design, high-strength silicone computer keys, use feel good, longer life.

Communication: RS-485, network TCP/IP, wireless 433, wireless GPRS optional. Make the data more accurate, more convenient, to avoid the loss of data caused by incorrect reading and writing and other factors, but also to achieve real-time communication functions, so that data is stored in real-time database, in order to query data in time

Durable equipment, data encryption, effectively prevent the use of non-unit proximity card circulation.

 Can support 999 kinds of menus, built-in 58mm small ticket printing module, consumer menu ticket clear and concise.

16 kinds of consumption level choices, time, count, billing can be achieved at the same time, consumption, recharge, refund, subsidy integrated use, consumption mode free to switch.

Reports that can be reported, unmounted, or mishandled on the machine can be returned by error on the machine. Various consumption schedules, summary tables, and accounting statements can be reflected in detail.

The operation is simple: Press "Statistics" to display the total amount and total times of the consumption machine at that time; "Function" can display the current consumption time; "Cancel" can cancel the current operation amount and make additional settings; "OK" for the current operation Confirm that you can make a consumer operation.

Full-featured: In addition to the query function, the operation can consume a decimal place and can add up to the current input spending to facilitate the cashier's billing.

Convenient to inquire: As long as the card is placed in the sensing area, the current balance can be displayed on the credit card machine to ensure the accuracy of the data.


Consumer machines can be grouped, and consumption statistics can be recorded in different groups after consumption.

Supporting the function of secondary consumption: After downloading the consumption period and consumption amount, the consumption machine will automatically recognize the deduction.

Support menu consumption function: Support 999 kinds of menu consumption, achieve flexible and simple consumption.

Can set up multiple time slots for consumption, and non-consumed time slots are invalid.

Consumption limit: You can set the maximum daily consumption limit and the number of times per time consumption.

There are many consumption patterns: There are various consumption patterns such as fixed value, freedom, menu number, and record time.

Calibration Clock: The clock can be calibrated offline/online.

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