Mobile terminal lock

- Jun 05, 2018-

A mobile terminal or a mobile communication terminal refers to a computer device that can be used on the move. In a broad sense, it includes a mobile phone, a notebook, a tablet computer, a POS machine, and even an on-board computer. However, in most cases, it refers to mobile phones or smart phones and tablet computers with multiple application functions. With the development of networks and technologies in the increasingly broadbandized direction, the mobile communications industry will move toward a truly mobile information era. On the other hand, with the rapid development of integrated circuit technology, the processing capability of the mobile terminal has possessed a powerful processing capability, and the mobile terminal is changing from a simple call tool to an integrated information processing platform. This also adds more room for development to mobile terminals.Mobile terminal lock.jpg

As a simple communication device, the mobile terminal has been accompanied with the development of mobile communication for several decades. Since the beginning of 2007, intelligence has triggered mutations in mobile terminals, which has fundamentally changed the traditional positioning of terminals as the mobile network's terminals. Mobile intelligent terminals are almost instantaneously transformed into the key portals and major innovation platforms of the Internet business, new media, e-commerce and information service platforms, Internet resources, the most important hub of mobile network resources and environmental interaction resources, and their operating systems and processes. The chip has even become the strategic commanding height of the entire ICT industry today. The disruptive revolution triggered by mobile smart terminals opened the prelude to the development of the mobile Internet industry and opened up a new technology industry cycle. With the continuous development of mobile smart terminals, its influence will be comparable to radios, televisions and the Internet (PC), and it will become the fourth terminal product in human history that has penetrated widely, spread rapidly, has tremendous impact, and penetrates into all aspects of human society.

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