Mobile license plate number for automatic identification detection system

- Apr 06, 2016-

License plate number is unique "identity" of the vehicle is an important information for a motor vehicle license plate recognition technology to achieve the license plate number and color of the automatic login, automatic monitoring can be done in the vehicle management, automatic registration, automatic statistics, automatic verification, automatic matching, automatic alarm, automatic release and many other features. With the rapid increase in the number of cars, vehicles and intelligent management of the increasingly high demand, the license application of automatic identification technology is becoming more widespread.

This system is a set of image acquisition / processing / recognition, database, automatic control, wireless communications, satellite positioning, electronic maps, voice synthesis and many other technologies for the integration of intelligent products, from car camera, car host, GPS and wireless communications units, mounted on a patrol car, license plate number can be used for moving vehicles and stationary vehicles in real-time identification and detection, quickly and accurately identify missing vehicles, hit and run vehicle, no vehicle inspection, road maintenance unpaid vehicles, illegal record vehicle should be scrapped vehicles, fake license and other vehicle involved, or focus on monitoring vehicles, it is a crime against motor vehicle theft and robbery, hit and run and other powerful means to provide effective protection for the maintenance of law and order, strengthen public security traffic management.

The system can also be used for units or groups outside the vehicle automatically detect alarms.

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