How to choose a barcode scanner

- Apr 06, 2016-

Hand-held bar code scanner has been the application of automatic identification technology in critical parts, and has been in a decisive position in the industry and application in the field of bar code systems. Today's manufacturers have provided a lot of alternative cost-effective products for a variety of consumer needs.

Three main types of hand-held bar code scanner is: contact light pen, CCD readers (image-based bar code scanners), laser scanner. When considering what kind of scanners can meet your needs, you need to have some of the major features of hand-held bar code scanner for some understanding that 1) a light source and an image acquisition device barcode; 2) decoding apparatus; 3 ) interfaces.

Three types of barcode scanners are by their scan engine to the decision, the scan engine for generating light and scan the bar code, scan engine light pen is used in light-emitting diode (LED), CCD barcode scanner uses a coupled device (CCD), laser bar code scanner scanning engine is a visible laser diode (VLD). The scan engine is a major factor in price-performance handheld bar code scanners influence and determine its suitability for various uses. Understand the difference between them in the future, you can choose a performance and value are the best handheld barcode scanner.

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