Do you know what are the major advantages of intelligent parking charge management system?

- Jun 01, 2018-

The continuous rapid development of the urban economy, the continuous improvement of the level of living, the increase in the number of cars, and parking have become a major issue. The emergence of cloud card intelligent parking charge management system replaced the traditional single parking management system, making new changes in parking management. The parking fee management system in life is widely used and the types of parking fees increase.

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Parking charge management system


1, automatic license plate recognition system

       The control of the parking access automatic identification system not only provides support for the charges, but also prevents another vehicle from being stolen. When the vehicle is swiped in and out of the venue, the cameras located on both sides of the channel will recognize the license plate and take pictures of the vehicle and the facial pictures of the vehicle personnel. These photo data can better provide public security criminal investigation with protection against theft of vehicles.

2, a card system

       For the owner of the vehicle, only one universal card is required to make payment at each parking lot, which is more convenient and quicker. Before using the smart APP to book parking spaces before arriving at the parking lot, the time spent searching for parking lots and parking spaces is reduced, especially in areas with high traffic volume, which has a very good effect in relieving congestion.

Parking fee system

3, parking guidance system

       For a large parking lot, parking induction is more important. After the owner enters the parking lot, the system uses video surveillance to track the car, generate a parking route, provide navigation information to the owner through the LED display, and directly navigate the vehicle to the target. parking space. The license plate recognition function of the video surveillance system can induce multiple vehicles at the same time. At the same time, it can also control the field lighting and play an energy-saving role.

4, parking fee system

       The parking lot adopts centralized fee management and adopts electronic payment means such as WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay, etc., self-service payment terminals, mobile phone APPs, etc., allowing the owner to pay parking fees directly to the property account and perfectly avoid intermediate links. The cloud platform automatically generates financial reports that can be viewed remotely in real time. The data collector can't modify or delete the data. The system automatically analyzes whether the financial data is abnormal, blocking the financial loopholes.

5, monitoring system

       The video surveillance system of the parking lot combined with intelligence can analyze malicious behaviors such as smashing cars and dragging cars, providing real-time monitoring for security personnel, and also has the function of license plate recognition, providing data for smart parking of parking lots.

       The cloud card parking fee management system is applied to outdoor parking management, car beauty chain stores and other places. With the popularity of the intelligent era, the degree of automation of the parking lot will be higher, effectively improving management efficiency, avoiding loss of charges and reducing business risks. Create more user-friendly parking management services.

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