Dimensional scanner circuit diagram label printing solutions

- Apr 06, 2016-

Appliance manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, electronic components industries use these labels in addition to the carton labeling, many labels tags require waterproof, temperature, abrasion, anti-alcohol, with the product stored for long periods without loss requirements. Most electronic products smaller size, requiring a corresponding label size is small, so the precision printing requirements are generally higher. Typically these industries would choose film category labels such as PET polyester label (ADB, Consumers Yinlong) is very common, as well as synthetic paper labels, pearl paper labels. If the specific application, such as some electronic components after labeling will go through high-temperature processing equipment, you need high temperature labels.

Polyesters such as PET film class label, there are many brands and models of different brands and models will be some differences in performance. General roughly divided into domestic and imported materials, the material most preferably imported tag performance, the price is correspondingly higher, such as Brady (Brady), 3M and other brand labels. Well-made material, although not as much of a temporary import performance, but lower prices to meet the most general applications. Select the tab so the material can be combined with performance requirements and cost factors into consideration.

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