Barcode solutions in the transport sector

- Apr 06, 2016-

With the social and economic development, there has been traffic jams, high frequency, traffic pollution, traffic chaos and a series of security problems of traffic accidents, serious impact on the lives of the current socio-economic development and the people, while the construction of transport facilities exist generally lag situation, are currently required to solve these problems is urgent. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) refers to the provision of technical methods of non-road infrastructure construction outside to solve these problems. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) from the system, the overall scope of considerations Transit various elements into account, so that people, road, organic combination of the three cars, so traffic management to achieve "intelligent", greatly improve traffic the efficiency and ensure traffic safety, environmental protection traffic. And in order to promote the development of China's ITS industry, the National Science and Technology, Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Public Security and other ministries jointly established the National Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Coordination Steering Group, ITS is fully committed to the industrialization process in China. There are many universities, research institutions, companies have gotten into this field, both from a technical level, or from the system integration, China's ITS industry is in the initial stage of development, China's traffic management is also moving into a conversion concepts, determined to reform period.

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