Barcode scanner

- May 24, 2018-

Bar code scanners, also known as bar code readers, bar code scanners, bar code scanners, bar code scanners, and bar code readers. It is a reading device for reading the information contained in the bar code. Using the optical principle, the content of the bar code is decoded and transmitted to a computer or other device through a data line or wirelessly. Widely used in supermarkets, logistics express delivery, library scanning products, document barcodes.

Barcode scanner.jpg

Bar code scanners are also commonly referred to as barcode scanners/readers. They are devices used to read the information contained in barcodes and can be divided into one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode scanners. The structure of the barcode scanner is usually the following parts: light source, receiving device, photoelectric conversion component, decoding circuit, and computer interface. The basic working principle of the scanning gun is that the light emitted by the light source is irradiated onto the bar code symbol through the optical system. The reflected light is imaged by the optical system on the photoelectric converter and interpreted by the decoder as a digital signal that the computer can directly accept. In addition to one, two-dimensional bar code scanner classification. Can also be classified as: CCD, full-angle laser and laser handheld barcode scanners.

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