Bar code technology and personnel attendance

- Apr 06, 2016-

If the production supervision record all production data at the end of each shift and then, often need to work overtime in order to accurately record shifts just ended. For a medium-sized factory, consumes at least 5--10 secretary who will one day produce the data set into record reward equation to calculate the remuneration of workers applied in the production line, but also each team at least one person out of, this group of manual records production data, which somewhat affect efficiency.

Operation with bar code automatic data acquisition system auxiliary production line productivity statistics for the post:

At the beginning of each shift, each member of the working group should scan the bar code on their employee cards, attendance data and the members of the group entered into the computer record. All members of the team can get the same reward according to the day of production, but also to give the appropriate punishment for the future of this group product quality problems.

Start machining operation, the first day of work orders or scanning barcodes wait workpiece on the table a task such as opening, after the end of the scanning process again. Barcode data terminal installed in the work area to accept the data, automatically add the group number and time information to their incoming PC. PC machine can be recalculated every ten minutes on a team worker productivity, the bar code on the terminal screen pass manager or processing zones to encourage members of the production team to improve labor productivity.

Each work supervisors handling of the documents time 75% reduction - 90%

Not out of the working group members record production data, all workers devote production

Staff to handle payroll reduction of 80%

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