Bar code applications in the manufacturing of

- Apr 06, 2016-

Bar code automatic identification technology having an input speed, high accuracy, low cost and easy to operate. A company in automated assembly lines and various processing using barcode major components marked with barcode labels. Collected and decoded by a bar code reader, the bar code information is entered into a computer database server. Each machine and components will have a unique bar code. Regardless of where to send the machine, there will be a record. If a problem occurs, people just read the bar code on the warranty card, you can call up in the database of all the data relating to the product, greatly facilitate the tracking of product quality and after-sales service.

A company bar code tracking system flow

The second stage: Looking for partnership

On the basis of the establishment of detailed research and analysis, analysis of the supplier of bar code and bar code system solutions offer. Barcode hardware and software, service and supplies to provide as localized, in order to reduce investment in bar code tracking system, by considering various factors, look for a more suitable partner and signed a contract to implement bar code.

Phase III: database structure design, barcode design and programming

This system may comprise four main databases: system design library, user library, PCB library and the whole library. Barcode labels must contain information: Model / logo, production sites, production date, production team / production line. Lot number and serial number, and bar code tracking system software can accept different barcode formats and size requirements. Barcode labels are used on the PCB board, machine, box and warranty card.

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